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Our shop is pretty unique....

Posted on August 1, 2017 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (5)

When people first walk into our space, you can see that they pause and have to take it all in...it is not your usual "Cookie Shop" or bakery but is instead very open, flexible in layout and we hope a bit "homey" with our built-in cabinetry and appliances. Our new space was very purposely designed to be very flexible so as to provide lots of growth and opportunities not only for us, but for others who come into our space and may want to use it for classes, events, incubator kitchen, blogging/video set, etc. We want everyone who walks in here to feel comfortable.

One other thing people notice when they come into the shop is we do not have big display cases or refrigerators full of cookies and other items. We think our products shine when we can produce them fresh, just for you, so we are still working toward producing our cookies and other items based upon each day's orders (because who wants floppy fruit or berries that have been bouncing around for a few days??)

That means that much like calling and ordering a pizza at the local pizza place and waiting 30 minutes to pick up YOUR fresh, hot pizza, we would do the same! Just call or message us your order - after we confirm it, give us 30 minutes and you can have your cookies hot and fresh right out of the oven (and you have not lived until you've had our cookies hot and fresh out of the oven!) But, fear not, if you find yourself in the neighborhood and in need of an immediate cookie-fix, we try to keep a variety of cookies available for you...we just may not have as many as you might want!

In addition, if we have time in our day, we try to produce something really tasty and tempting - sometimes it's our GIANT cinnamon rolls, or a DEEP deep dish Dutch Apple Pie, or our Dark Chocolate Ganache Peanut Butter tart or who knows...so keep an eye on our Facebook page (@CookieChicksGR) for postings for that day's treat. Sometimes we produce in limited quantity, so it is "first-come/first-served"!

But whatever it is that we are producing, you can be sure that it will be "worth the calories!"

You spoke, we listened!

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Well Cookie Chicks fans, it's been a whirlwind and we are now settling into our brand new shop here at 3979 West River Drive, in Comstock Park, MI. We are in Suite A2 (behind the Farm Bureau Insurance Building and the Barber shop) And while the dust is still settling so to speak, we are working hard with you, our customers, to determine the next steps and opportunities for Cookie Chicks.

After contracting with 1-800-Flowers.com back in December of 2016, we have been very busy learning and making many, many, many Fruit Bouquets to support that growing business in West Michigan. We are the exclusive fulfiller for all of their Fruit Bouquet business in the West Michigan area and hope that we have been meeting all their and your expectations, and then some! As a result of the partnership with Fruit Bouquets, we have been busy developing and delivering our own versions of Fruit and Cookie Bouquets and have been having just wonderful response and feedback from our customers - and for that we thank you!

As another step in our growth, we are so excited to let you know that with your great feedback, we are planning to hold a series of Kids Cooking Classes where we will cover different lessons each week based upon the child's age: "Kinder Cooks" for preschoolers, "Chef-in-Training" for 1st - 4th graders, "Junior Chef" for 5th through 8th and "Senior Chef" for High School+. and unique "Special Needs Chef" for those chefs who might need a little extra accommodation. We want ALL budding chefs to be comfortable in our kitchen and we are going to have such fun!  

In addition to our fun "Ladies Night Out" events,  we will be having a series of  "Couples' Night" events where each couple will share in the creation AND enjoyment of different dishes each time - we're hoping it provides something unique and fun, and perhaps a good escape from the kids for a bit. Be sure to like and watch our Facebook page (@CookieChicksGR) for the latest events and announcements.

We're still running a bit "lean" in terms of personnel here at Cookie Chicks, and while we have some great new additions in both Jordan and Allie, we are trying to make sure that we keep our focus on delivering great cookies and cookie/fruit bouquets to our customers while also filling certain niches that are underserved in the area. If you have an idea or need for a product or service, give us a call - we love to hear them and will give you credit if we implement them!

Busy, Busy!

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Wow!  The Cookie Chicks brand has launched so quickly with all the word-of-mouth and well-wishes from our fans, and this recent feature in the Grand Rapids Business Journal! 


Between the business part of setting up a business and then the baking, packaging and handing out samples of our little beauties, we have not had the time to sit down to let you know exactly what makes Cookie Chicks unique and why you would want to purchase special cookies from us!  No worries though....as soon as we can catch our breath, we will be sure to fill you in.

Until then, thank you for helping to spread the good word about Cookie Chicks cookies and watch for the Cookie Chick crew around West Michigan- they just might have some cookie surprises for you!

Yours in good cookie eating,

Holly and Tami